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Why Shipping Your Vehicle Enclosed Is A Good Idea

When you have an exotic car, you are very protective of it. When you move across the country or out of the country you want a reliable way of transporting your vehicle. Instead of driving it and putting all those miles on your vehicle, luxury and exotic car transport companies such as Elite Auto Shipper can get it there safely. Cars are shipped with our drivers who specialize in exotic vehicle shipping and that are licensed and insured.

The car is typically shipped as close to possible to the date requested with an 8 to the 24-hour notice of shipping date and time. The exotic car owner will be able to track the shipment and will be contacted directly by our shipping company to arrange for pick up. Payment is made upon delivery of the car safely.

Typically, car delivery takes about 7 to 14 days, depending on the pickup and drop off locations. East/West or West/East is on the more extended end, while transport up or down the East or West coast is usually 3 to 5 days and a transport Midwest to either coast is usually 4 to 8 days. Times vary depending on weather conditions, road conditions, traffic, and detours. There are also several times of the year, where there are more auto transports such as winter when many people are transporting vehicles.

Elite Auto Shipper specializes in shipping exotic and luxury vehicles such as Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Maserati, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Maybach, Lotus, classics, antiques and collector cars. These vehicles get the white glove treatment with truck drivers who are experienced in loading and unloading these high-end vehicles. The use of soft tied downs and careful handling ensure the vehicle remains in perfect condition.

Elite Auto Shipper uses several methods to transport your vehicle to far distances; including enclosed single trailers, flatbed trucks, and enclosed rail service. Your car is more likely to be carried flat and not have the tires locked by chains. Efficient and careful loading is specially made, enclosed trailers with lift gates is the usual method we use this kind of method provide protection and don’t cause damage to your vehicle. Additional methods we use include tight and sanitary spaces for easy travel. Custom accessories tailor-made to meet your requests is usually available from a simple request.

When speaking of a door to door delivery, it does not mean that the truck driver pulls up to your home with the shipment. The truck driver will choose a place as close to the destination as possible and will make sure the spot is agreed upon by the shipper. There are restrictions in towns and cities as to where large trucks can go. Since the trucks are often large, they need lots of room. The drop off location will typically be in a parking lot close to a major highway.

Before you hire any company, you must know the key factors that have to be considered before you trust your special car to any company.

These factors will ensure that you choose the transport company to use wisely. The following are the most crucial factors that have to be considered if you want to make the smart choice for your vehicle to get transported safely.

1. Type of transport option used

Before you have a classic or exotic car transported with the help of a transport company, you have to be sure that you decide on the type of transport that you would like used. For these kinds of vehicles, the enclosed transport is your best option because it will protect your automobile from the weather and other road debris.

2. Cost of transporting your vehicle

The enclosed transport is a good idea, but it is more expensive. You want to get free quotes from different companies to help you find the one that offers you the best price for the services needed.

3. Company’s experience

Make sure that the company you do hire has experience with moving these vehicles. If they don’t have experience, then move on to another company because the experience will mean the difference between it getting there safely or arriving with problems. Try and find a company that has at least a year of experience with transporting exotic cars and you will be able to have peace of mind knowing they will take good care of your vehicle.

4. Insurance

You want to have insurance on your exotic car before it is transported, but you also need to learn what insurance the transport business will provide. This is important so that you know up front what they will be responsible for if there should be a problem during transport.

5. Licensed

You have to ensure that the company you hire is licensed because engaging one that is not adequately insured can lead to a lot of problems and headaches that you can avoid if you take time to find a company that is insured. If you don’t find anything that says the company is licensed, then ask about it until someone can show you that they are.

When you need to have exotic car transport done, these factors are all essential to consider. Don’t make the mistake of hiring the first transport company you find because your car is unique to you or you wouldn’t be considering this type of transport, and this means the company should consider it that way also to help ensure it gets where it needs to safely.

When it comes to moving exotic cars, you are required to go with a company that has expertise in that area. You will want this due to the cost of these vehicles which can be exotic sports cars, antique, and vintage cars. There should be no difficulties locating Elite Auto Shipper office with an experienced team of mechanics and maintenance crew who provide a perfect fleet transport whether it be opened or enclosed to accommodate your needs and funds. We offer international exotic car transport. We focus on delivering reliable, proficient service with timely departures. You will be provided with an expert customer service person to assure the careful handling of your vehicle. Choosing an appropriate company is the most important thing.

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