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The most popular way to ship a car, open auto carriers are a very safe and reliable method of transporting your vehicle. An open carrier is the most popular method of shipping vehicles in the auto transport industry, and is used by the majority of customers who ship their vehicle. Elite Auto Shipper ships thousands of cars a week using this very method. Even dealerships will transport brand-new cars on the backs of open transport carriers, and this particular fact means that many customers find it very comforting, knowing that open auto carriers are safe enough for a licensed dealership to trust them with their brand-new inventory.

It helps, too, that open auto carriers are almost always the cheapest shipping method, though it’s not for a lack of quality in the transport; rather, it’s more because there is a huge abundance of open auto carriers in the auto transport industry. In addition to there being many open carriers currently on the road, most open auto carriers are able to carry up to ten vehicles at a time, so the whole cost of auto transport is little more than supply and demand: there is a high supply of open auto transporters available, so the price of shipping a car with an open auto shipping carrier will almost always be lower than that of an enclosed auto transport carrier.

Open auto transport is generally recommended for vehicles that are driven almost every day, because they will be able to withstand all the h azards of the road without having to worry about them losing too much value. This is also why open transport is generally cheaper, because there are so many more people looking to ship their daily drivers.

You can get a free, quote for your specific shipping needs simply by filling out our free online auto transport quote request form it’s simple and it takes just a minute. You’ll get a free quote e-mailed to you as well as a call from one of our helpful staff members.