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An enclosed auto carrier is ideal for shipping vehicles that are in need of extra protection during their shipment. Vehicles that are extremely high in value or classic cars can be difficult and even the smallest amount of damage can be incredibly expensive to fix. This is why we recommend enclosed auto transport services for vehicles that cost an arm and a leg; an enclosed carrier will provide an entirely new level of safety over an open auto transport carrier.

Enclosed carriers entirely enclose the vehicles under their protection so that they are not at risk of sustaining damage, including damage from scratches or errant dirt or debris that could fly up from the road as with an open carrier. For most vehicles, open transport is fine because minute dings and scratches can be buffed out easily but not so with something more expensive and hard to find, which is why enclosed auto transport carriers exist. They are a bit harder to find and, naturally, much more expensive than their open counterparts but it’s worth it, if the vehicle is. And, typically, they are.

Enclosed carriers don’t just protect their vehicles from dirt and debris, either. All vehicles will also be protected from any weather events such as high winds, snow or hail. An enclosed transport carrier does tend to be more expensive than an open transport, like we mentioned, but there are a few reasons for this. Reason one is that there are currently fewer enclosed auto carriers on the road compared to open auto carriers. Secondly, each enclosed auto carrier has the ability to hold fewer cars than that of an open auto carrier while most auto transport carriers can haul up to ten vehicles, enclosed shippers can typically handle a maximum of 2-4. Thirdly, you are paying for the additional safety of an enclosed transport, and there is actually a bit more protection to an enclosed trailer than an open one. If money is not an issue and you are looking for the ultimate in protection, look no further than an enclosed auto transport by Elite Auto Shipper.

We can get you a free quote to ship your vehicle enclosed if you call our toll-free telephone number 1-877-290-0930 our friendly staff members can assist you. You’ll come to find that we are good at what we do, and we make sure that your experience with us is positive.